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Costanzo and TitinaLocated just 30 minutes by boat from the city of Napoli, Italy, modern day Capri is a world renowned resort noted for its' natural beauty, charm, hospitality and cuisine. The island has been a destination since man was capable of traveling there. Tiberio, the emperor of the Roman Empire, built many villas and ruled the Empire from Capri. Krupp, the German business magnate, financed a road that joined Quisisana, where he lived, to the Marina Piccola. It has been called "the world's most beautiful road" because of the way it hugs the rock and the clever use of local construction materials. Today, the 8,000 natives of Capri and 7,000 Anacaprians share their island with people from the world over. Artisans, international film and entertainment stars. Travelers seeking the unique flavors that are Capri.

Titina and Costanzo have spent the better part of their lives entertaining and pleasing guests in their native Capri. It is here in their beloved Capri that both Costanzo and Titina's families have played a major role in defining Caprisian hospitality. Costanzo's father, Raffaele, was the first coffee shop owner in the 1930's to offer his guests outside seating in the famous Piazzetta of Capri. His "Grand Caffe' " started a trend in Rome, Venice, Florence and spread quickly to other resorts like Positano, and Portofino. The Grand Caffe' Vuotto became a well known landmark. Titina's mother, Margherita, invented the La Caprese salad in her restaurant "Trattoria Da Vincenzo" on the beach Marina Piccola of Capri. The La Caprese salad was born so that the ladies could "have a nice lunch while still fitting into their bikinis." La Caprese salad is offered on menus the world over.

After working in their family businesses for quite some time, Costanzo and Titina opened La Pineta, a small hotel on Capri. Over time, the hotel was expanded including additional guest rooms, a restaurant and the world-class amenities which earned La Pineta a four star rating. Here, Costanzo and Titina have hosted people from all walks of life including many celebrities from the arts.

Titina has published two cookbooks; "Le ricette di Titina" - Titina's Recipes and "Odori e Sapori di Capri" - Aromas and Flavors of Capri. She's also been published in daily newspapers and weekly magazines in Italy. These articles are usually accompanied with photographs taken by Costanzo, who has had two major photography exhibitions in Rome and Capri. "Sciuй-Sciuй" tomato sauce (easier to prepare than pronounce) is a Titina original recipe which is offered the world over on pasta, meat and fish dishes. This recipe is published in Faith Willinger cook-book "Red, White and Greens" published in the USA and available in our recipe section.

Costanzo and Titina came to visit the United States at the invitation of Johanne Kileen and George Germon restaurateurs and owners of Al Forno, in Providence, Rhode Island. They enjoyed the area and people so much that they made their home in Newport, Rhode Island for two years. Rhode Island's tough winter had Costanzo and Titina yearning for a warmer climate, more like that of their native Capri. One visit to North Carolina is all it took for Titina and Costanzo to feel more at home with the climate. The mild climate and the world-famous Southern hospitality was enough to convince the Vuottos' to make their home in Cary, North Carolina.

Married since 1961, Costanzo and Titina have four boys, Raffaele, Eugenio, Valerio and Ugo. Stop by and say hello - they will be delighted to see you.

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