Alce Nero

TheAlce Nerobrand has been applying the principles of Italian organic farming for more than 30 years. A devotion to the land, a rejection of synthetic chemical substances and an unpolluted environment are the key ingredients that enable us to produce authentic, delicious food.

Today, we are among the most appreciated producers of organic food, both in Italy and abroad. Our products are characterized by high quality and taste, and are culled from the most desirable terroirs in Italy by our producers. Pasta is made using hard wheat grown in only six Italian regions; our rice comes from mills located in Vercelli; tomatoes (for purees and sauces) are grown in the rich and fertile lands of the Po River valley; our orange honey comes from Sicily and Calabria; and acacia honey comes from Piedmont and Lombardy. For our fruit juices, the pears and peaches are from Romagna and the apricots from Basilicata. The olives for the extra-virgin olive oil are grown in Puglia.

The ItalianAlce Neroteam shares their values with a group of fair-trade producers who work with the same dedication and passion across the globe in nations such as Costa Rica, Brazil, Nicaragua, Peru and India. This partnership has formed the basis for theAlce Neroline of organic and fair-trade products, which includes coffee, cane sugar, cocoa, rice, fruit juices, a wide range of chocolates and more. 

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