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Speck is the first product of the region of the Alto Adige that has received the GGA label of certified origin. Many Speck lovers consider this typical product a perfect “ambassador” to represent their country’s culture and traditions abroad. We have to admit that we are quite proud of this fact. 


However, our main interest is to produce a good, mild and authentic  Speck for our customers. Therefore it is important for us to reflect the simple, rural background of this product in the production process. In the old days, great care was taken to preserve foods in a simple and natural way. Careful craftsmanship and the experience of many generations led to the development of an excellent product. Choice raw materials, a special blend of spices, an elaborate method of dry curing and gentle cold smoking and maturing in clean mountain air are key elements for producing top quality speck. 

We only pick the best raw material for our Speck. We place particular attention on fresh material, good texture and careful deboning.

The freshly cut meat must immediately be rubbed with the seasoning. The mix of spices is a well kept family secret but the basic composition shall be revealed. We use a mix of rock salt, sea salt and pickling salt, first class pepper, juniper berries, various herbs and a hint of allspice. This mix is freshly prepared and finely ground in small quantities. The composition must be carefully balanced to ensure a harmonious flavour without a single ingredient emerging to dominantly. The right amount of seasoning is also crucial. Our Speck must remain mild in flavour. Two weeks of dry curing are the first stage in preserving the meat. After one week the hams are turned around to make sure that both sides are cured evenly and then left to rest for a second week. Maintaining a constantly low temperature and utmost hygiene in all aspects of production are key elements in this process.

The meat is then lightly smoked over beechwood chips for the typical flavour. The smoke must be cold and the meat is not permanently exposed to the smoke to prevent discolouring and to achieve a balanced flavour. The Alto Adige is a sunny region in the south of the Alps and we like to give our Speck a slightly southern, even Mediterranean touch. We want our Speck to be aromatic, yet mild in flavour. Throughout the entire process we handle the product with great care to ensure that its structure and texture remains intact.

The individual pieces of Speck are then stacked carefully for maturing in our cellars. They are stored not too close together and not too far apart. Good ventilation and fresh, clean air, without too much of a draft, are very important in this stage. The ageing process requires continuous monitoring and frequent intervention. It takes time and patience, after all the product looses about 40% of its weight in the slow drying process. This maturing is important for the Speck to become truly tender. A slight formation of mould indicates good maturing and adds an interesting note to the product.

Traditionally, the Speck should be ready to eat in the spring. Then it is time to start working in the fields, in the forest and in the mountains and there must be a good piece of Speck in the rucksack. This is the time to enjoy the fruits of winter’s long labour.

In Alto Adige Speck has always been considered good and healthy food for young and old and the noble city dweller enjoyed it just as much as the simple farmer.

On some products we provide detailed information regarding ingredients. Unfortunately, sometimes producers change ingredients without our knowledge. Please be sure to read the ingredients and allergen warnings before cooking or eating the products. Thank you.

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